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本文摘要:一、可数名词复数形式的组成方法1.一般情况下,在名词词尾直接加-scake→cakes(蛋糕)student→students(学生)2.以[s]、[z]、[∫]、[3]、[t∫]、[d3]等音素末端的名词变复数时加-es;如果词尾为e,则只!加-Sbus→buses(公交车)box→boxes(盒子)watch→watches(手表)3.以“辅音字母+ y末端的名词,大多数变y为i再加-es;以“元音字母+ y末端的名词直接加-Sbaby→babies(婴儿)city→c


一、可数名词复数形式的组成方法1.一般情况下,在名词词尾直接加-scake→cakes(蛋糕)student→students(学生)2.以[s]、[z]、[∫]、[3]、[t∫]、[d3]等音素末端的名词变复数时加-es;如果词尾为e,则只!加-Sbus→buses(公交车)box→boxes(盒子)watch→watches(手表)3.以“辅音字母+ y"末端的名词,大多数变y为i再加-es;以“元音字母+ y"末端的名词直接加-Sbaby→babies(婴儿)city→cities(都会)country→countries(国家)toy→toys(玩具)monkey→monkeys(猴子)4.以f(e)末端的名词,大多数将f(e)改为v,再加-eswife→wives(妻子)knife→knives(刀子)leaf→leaves(树叶)half→halves(一半)self→selves(自己)shelf→shelves(架子)wolf→wolves(狼)thief→thieves(小偷、强盗)life→lives(生命)巧记为:妻子自己用半片树叶和一把刀子竣事了藏在架子后面的狼和强盗的生命。5.以“辅音字母+ o”末端的名词,多数情况下加-es,photo、piano除外;以“元音字母+ o”末端的名词一般加-s。①Negro→Negroesheroe→ heroestomato→tomatoespotato →potatoes巧记为:黑人英雄爱吃西红柿和马铃薯②zoo→zoos radio→radios6.改变内部元音或词尾组成复数形式的名词man→menwoman→womenfoot →feettooth →teethchild→children7.表现“某国人”的词变复数时,Chinese、Japanese等单复数形式相同; Englishman、Frenchman是把字母a酿成字母e;American、Australian、Canadian、German等是在词尾直接加-s。

巧记为:中日稳定英法变,其余“S”在后边8.合成名词的复数形式中间没有连字符或距离的合成名词,将最后一个词变复数,如birthdays;中间有连字符或距离的合成名词,将主体词变复数,如daughters-in-law ;“man/woman+名词”式的合成名词,两个名词须同时变为复数形式,如:two men teachers两名男老师five women nurses五名女护士Three men drivers三名男司机Five women lawyers五名女状师9.“数词+名词( +形容词)”组成的合成词作定语。其中的名词用单数形式时,词与词之间须有连字符毗连;其中的名词用复数形式时,词与词之间不用连字符,但名词复数形式需变所有格。

例如:①a two week holiday=two weeks' holiday两周的假期② an hour's ride骑车一小时的旅程③three hour's walk三小时的步行10. 单复数形式相同的名词Chinese ,Japanese , sheep,deer,fish等名词的单复数形式相同。巧记为:中国人和日本人爱吃绵羊、鹿和鱼11.团体名词的单复数观点及变化形式people意为“人们”时自己即为复数观点;意为“民族”时为单数,其复数形式为peoples。

family、 team、army等偏重整体观点时常以单数形式泛起,若表现多个这样的整体有复数形式,其变化规则与其他可数名词变复数时的变化规则一样;若偏重成员则表现复数意义。①There are many people in the square.广场上有许多人。②There are 56 peoples in China.中国有56个民族。③Our family are watching TV.我们一家人正在看电视。

④Our family is a big family.我们家是一个大家庭。二、名词的可数与不行数12.常见的不行数名词。

①物质名词和抽象名词一般为不行数名词,如bread、money、paper(表现“纸”之意),medicine、advice、 music、weather 等;②news虽以s末端,但它是一个不行数名词。这些词常借助piece、 cup、pair等单元词表现数量,若表现复数观点,需要把单元词酿成复数形式。A piece of news一则新闻Three pieces of news三则新闻A piece of advice一条建议A slice of bread一片面包Two pairs of trousers两条裤子A pair of glasses一副眼镜A basket of food一篮子食物Six pieces of paper六张纸13.既可作可数名词也可作不行数名词的词。

①fish意为“鱼”时是可数名词,指种类时其复数为fishes, 指条数时单复数同形;意为餐桌上的“鱼肉”时为不行数名词。②glass意为“玻璃”时为不行数名词;意为“玻璃杯”时为可数名词,复数形式glasses还可意为“眼镜”。③orange 意为“橙子”时为可数名词;意为“橙色"时为不行数名词。

④room意为“屋子”时为可数名词,意为“空间”讲时为不行数名词。⑤chicken 意为“小鸡”时为可数名词,意为“鸡肉”讲时为不行数名词。14.可数名词与不行数名词的修饰语。(1) few、many、several、a number of、 a great/ good many、a couple of和many a等只能修饰可数名词;(2) a little, much,a good/great deal of、a bit of和a large ,amount of等只能修饰不行数名词;(3)some、a lot of、lots of、plenty of、all等既能修饰可数名词复数,也能修饰不行数名词。

三、名词所有格15.-'s所有格的组成和用法。①一般情况下,可数名词单数的所有格是在名词词尾直接加-’s;Lucy's mother露西的妈妈CChina's capital中国的首都②以s或es末端的可数名词复数在其词尾加-’;Teachers ' Day教师节③不以s或es末端的可数名词复数在其词尾加’'s。

Children's Day儿童节④表现店肆、医院、学校、住宅及公共修建时,s所有格后常不泛起它所修饰的名词。At the doctor's在诊所⑤表现两人或多人共有时,只需将最后一一个名词变为-s所有格;表现两人或多人划分拥有时,各个名词的词尾都需加-s。Tom and Mary's room汤姆和玛丽(共有的)房间(一间房)Tom' s and Mary's room汤姆的和玛丽的房间(两间房)⑥表现时间、天气、距离、价钱、国家、都会或团体等的名词也常用-'s所有格表现所有关系。

(1)用于时间It's two hours' drive开车两小时的旅程(2)用于怀抱15 tons’weight 十五吨的重量800 meters’distance 八百米的距离(3)用于价值A 3000 yuan's order 三千元的订货单A 500 pounds’ note 五百元的钞票(4)用于天体the earth' s satellite地球卫星(5)用于国家Australia’s capital澳大利亚的首都(6)用于都会Shanghai’s population上海的人口16. of所有格表现无生命事物的名词的所有关系,一般用of所有格。The door of the room房间的门Beijing is the capital of China北京是中国的首都17.双重所有格。“of +-'s所有格/名词性物主代词”组成双重所有格。双重所有格表现部门观点,of前的名词通常有限定词,如a、an、one、some、many、any、no等;of后用-'s所有格的名词必须是明确限定、指人的。

(1)He is a friend of your brother’s.他是你哥哥的一位朋侪。(强调你哥哥的朋侪不止一个)(2)He is a friend of your brother.他是你哥哥的朋侪。

(强调这个朋侪对你哥哥的友好)I.单项选择(一)1. -Could you give me a few____on how to spend the coming summer holidays.-Ok. Let me see.A. hobbiesB. knowledgeс. suggestionsD. information2. -How can Julie say bad words about me? I thought we were good friends .-Who told you that? Friends need____.A. courageB. distanceс. trustD. shame3. -Have you decided to hold the party in the open air, Linda?Not yet. It depends on the______.It often rains here.A. moodB. weatherC. costD. day4. Do you have any___ for tonight?-Not yet. What about having a picnic on the beach?A. problemsB. newsC. plansD. rules5. The New Silk Road will offer a good___for more nations to communicate.A. chanceB. habitC. questionD. price6. Daniel has tried to lose___by eating less recently, but two kilos has been put on instead.A. weightB. weightsc. heightD. heights7. "It depends on my___decision," the mother said and looked at her two sons.A. childrenB. children'sc. childD. child's8. Jennifer takes a lot of exercise every day and she is always full of___.A. knowledgeB. energyC. changeD. courage9. If you go to visit London, don't forget your___because it often rains there.A. passportB. moneyc. mapD. umbrella10. Mum, there is ittle food in the fridge. Let's buy some___and___.A. chicken; potatoB. chickens; potatoC. chicken; potatoesD . chickens; potatoes11.-Where can I buy some books, Simon?-Go to the___in the shopping mall in Old Street. You will find many books there.A. restaurantB. bookshopC. cinemaD. library12. David visited lots of___in the world.A. places of interestingB. places of interestc. place of interestsD. place of interesting13. Our school uniforms are out of____We think young people should look smart.A. luckB. sightc. reachD. fashion14. -Why are you late for work again?-The__ is that I lost my keys to the car.A. reasonB. questionC. messageD. difficulty5. There are some___in Dayton Art Institute Museum. For example, no food or drinks is allowed inside.A. jobsB. recordsc. rulesD. paintings(二)1. - -Dad, have you told Mum that I will come back next Wednesday?-No. Let's keep it___and give her a surprise.A. chanceB. choiceC. secretD. idea2. --It's hot today. Have some___, please.- -No, thanks. I'm not thirsty at all.A. waterB. sugarc. breadD. chicken3. Tom didnt find much____about the topic on that website .A. reportB. articleC. informationD. story4. - -What would you like to eat?Some_____, please.A. pearB. coffeec. teaD. bread5. Today is September 10th. It's__ Day. Iet's say "Thank you "to our teachers.A. Teacher'sB. the Teachersc. TeachersD. Teachers6. -How time flies! It is two___since we met last.Soit is. I miss you so much.A. monthsB. monthesC. months'D. month's7. During the Spring Festival, people in North China usually eat_____as a traditional Chinese food.A. pizzaB. dumplingsC. hamburgersD. bread8. The old man can't hear us well because there's something wrong with his_____.A. mouthB. nosec. earsD. eyes9. -Bill, what's your sister's favourite____?She likes volleyball best.A. foodB. colourc. sportD. movie10. - -What's the___of the book?Five dollars.A. time .B. pricec. dateD. colour11. The___of some wild animals reminds us about the___on the environment.A. loss; problems B. lose; problemC. lose; problemsD. loss; problem12. Thanks a lot for offering a great deal of____to me in my research.-It is my pleasure.A. ideasB. thoughtsc. suggestionsD. advice13. Do you know the____of your mother s birth?Yes. It's July 14th.A. ageB. yearc. monthD. date14. What do you like for dinner?-I like some___for dinner.A. breadB. hamburgerC. appleD. egg15. Many people go to Tian anmen Square to watch the national_____raised on National Day .A. flagB. flowerc. signD. wonder(三)1. If you need further____about our products, please surf the Internet.A. informationB. experiencec. practiceD. expression2. There are more than one hundred teachers in our school, and most of them are____.A. men's teachersB. man teachersc. men teacherD. men teachers3. Kaili is one of the most beautiful___in Guizhou.A. cityB. citiesc. countriesD. country4. Fruit is good for health, so I often have breakfast with one_____.A. candyB. cakeC. bananaD. hamburger5. Did the policeman give much_____on how to protect personal information?A. noteB. tipC. adviceD. book6.一Are you thirsty?- Yes, please give us______.A. three bottle waterB. three bottle of waterC. three bottles of waterD. three bottles of waters7、Many____are playing an active part in making Kunming a beautiful city.A. manB. womanC. volunteerD. volunteers8. -l'm afraid I won't be able to get to the top of the mountain. It's hard for me.- Keep on! I'm sure you have a strong_____.A. experienceB. excuseC. willD. habit9. If you want to get more information about English learning, please visit our____www.sanyanenglish. com.A. companyB. storeC. officeD. website10. These are their_____.They are very nice.A. model planeB. models planeC. model planesD. models planes11. This jacket is 100 yuan, and that one is 105 yuan. There is not much___in price.A. differenceB. heightC. resultD. point12. Tom is in good health, because he often exereises and cats a lot of healthyA. foodB. waterC. pearD. carrot13.一What's your favourite sport?一I like______best.A. swimmingB. televisionsC. musicD. books14. It's _____for lunch. I walk to the dining hall three ______a day.A. times; timeB. time; timesC. times; timesD. time; time15.一l'm afraid I will get lost in Sydney. It's my first time to be here, you see.一Don't worry. Here is a______. It will help you.ll.写出下列复数的名词形式A. newspaper____________B. watch_____________C. map_____________D. camera_____________1. Chinese_____________2. cat__________3. man__________4. knife___________5. Zoo___________6. match___________7. bridge__________8. tooth__________9. class___________10. potato___________11. piece___________12. shelf___________lll.凭据双語提示完成句子(毎空一词)1. I can sce many___(绵羊) in the picture.2. I think dragons are the _________(象征) of China.3. Lisa was so careless that she made many speling ____(错误) in her homework.4. The____(夏天) of Chongqing is really hot, but we still like living here.5.Anniehasa_____(牙疼), and she is going to see her dentist today.6. People in the UK eat with_____(刀) and forks.7. I'd like to write him a letter, but I don't know his____(地址).8. She is the editor of a popular women's(杂志).9. Bothof us love all the old (照相机) at the museum.10. Romantic____(影戏) usually have happy endings.lV.用方框中所给词的适当形式填空.water ,factory , ticket , leaf, day , word,cake , hour ,woman teacher,drive1. There are twenty____in our school.2. Dave really likes driving. I think being a_____is just right for him.3. In this test, we're asked to write a passage of about 80______.4. They visited some____and hospitals.5. Everyone needs to have at least eight______sleep at night.6. How much are the____for the concert?7. He left two _____ago.8. There is a little____left; you may drink it.9. I'm hungry. I'd like to eat some10. Look! The yellow____are falling from the trees.V.用所给名词的适当形式填空1. There are some____(shirt) and they are in different sizes.2. Emily likes ____(child) very much and she wants to be a teacher in the future.3. We are going to my____(aunt) to have a party this evening.4. When there aren't many trees, the ground can't keep enough___(water).5. I need to buy three________( tomato) in the supermarket.6. What will you buy for our father on_____(father) Day.7. We have outdoor____(activity) on Friday afternoon.8. My sister, Alice, drank two__ glass) of milk this morning.9. There will be more and more _____(woman) engineers in future.10. Jim hasa lot of______(homework) to do, so he cant go out with us.VI.将下列汉语译成英语凯特的妈妈济南的冬天我的一个朋侪4.三个日本人5.我的自行车6.三条鱼7.一条消息8.我妹妹的鞋子9.明天的事情10.汤姆的家谜底剖析:I .单项选择(一)1.C题意:“你能给我一此关于如何渡过即将到来的暑假的建议吗?”“好的。让我想想。"suggestion“建议,提议”,切合题意。hobby“业余喜好”; knowledge“知识”;information"消息”。

2.C题意:“朱莉怎么可以说我的坏话呢?我以为我们是好朋侪。”“谁告诉你的?朋侪之间需要信任。"trust“信任”,切合题意。courage“勇气”; distance“距离”; shame"羞3. B题意:“琳达,你已经决议了在户外举行聚会吗?”“还没有。

这取决于天气。这里经常下雨。”由“It often rains here. ”可知,weather"天气”,切合题意。mood"情绪”;cost“成本;用度”;day“一天”。

4.C题意:“你今晚有什么计划吗?”“还没有。去海滩野餐怎么样?"plan“计划,计划”,切合题意。problem“ 问题,难题”; news“消息";rule“规则,划定”。5.A题意:新丝绸之路会给更多国家之间的交流提供一个很好的时机。

chance" 时机”,切合题意。habit" 习惯”;question“问题”;price“价钱”。

6. A题意:丹尼尔最近在靠节食减肥, 可是相反却重了两千克。loseweight“减肥”,为牢固短语,故选A。7. B题意:“这取决于我的孩子们的决议。

”那位妈妈看着她的两个儿子说道。表现“孩子们的"应用名词所有格,由two sons可知child要用复数形式children,故选B.8.B题意:珍妮弗天天都做大量的运动,她总是充满活力。

energy“活力”, 切合题意。knowledge"知识”; change"改变”; courage“勇气”。

9.D题意:如果你去游览伦敦,不要忘记带伞,因为那里经常下雨。umbrella"伞”,切合题意。passport" 护照”; money“钱”; map“舆图”。

10. C题意:妈妈,冰箱里没有食物了。我们去买一些鸡肉和土豆吧。some修饰可数名词复数或不行数名词,chicken作“鸡肉”讲时为不行数名词;potato为可数名词,复数形式为potatoes.11.B题意:“西蒙,我在那里能买到书?”“去老街上的购物广场里的书店吧。在那里你会找到许多书。

”bookshop"书店”,切合题意。restaurant“ 餐馆”; cinema“影戏院”;library"图书馆”。12.B题意:戴维游览过世界上许多胜景奇迹。

place of interest“ 胜景奇迹”,是牢固短语,其复数形式是在place 词尾加-s,interest稳定。13. D题意:我们的校服过时了。我们认为年轻人应该看起来整洁漂亮。

outoffashion“过时的;不盛行的”,切合题意。out of luck“不走运”;out of sight"在视野外,看不见";out of reach“够不到”。14. A题意:“你为什么 上班又迟到了?”“原因是我丢了车钥匙。

”reason“原因”,切合题意。question“问 题”; message“消息”;difficulty"难题”。15.C题意:代顿艺术中心博物馆有许多划定。例如,任何食物和饮料都不允许带进去。

rule“划定”,切合题意。job“事情”;record记载”; painting“绘画(作品)”。

(二)1. C题意:“爸爸,你告诉了妈妈我下周三要回去吗?”“没有。让我们守旧秘密,给她一个惊喜。

"secret"秘密”,切合题意。chance“时机”;choice'选择”; idea“主意”。2. A题意:“今天很热。



”由答语中的thirsty 可知,正确谜底应表达可以喝的工具,故选A。3. C题意:汤姆在谁人网站上没有找到太多关于谁人话题的信息。much 修饰不行数名词,选项中只有information为不行数名词,且切合题意,故选C。

4. D题意:“你想吃点什么?”“请来些面包。”由问句中的eat可清除B、C两项;由答语中的some可知正确谜底应为可数名词复数或不行数名词,故选D。5. D题意:今天是9月10日。是教师节。

让我们对我们的老师说声“谢谢你”。表达“教师节”用Teachers' Day,是牢固短语。

6. A题意:“时间过得真快!自从我们上次晤面到现在已经两个月了。”"确实如此。我很想念你。

"month"月”,是可数名词,前面有 two修饰,故用复数形式months。7. B题意;春节期间,中国北方的人们通常吃-种中国传统食物水饺。由知识可知,dumpling"水饺”,切合题意。pizza"比萨”; hamburger"汉堡" ; bread"“面包”。

8. C 题意:谁人老人听不清我们说话,因为他的耳朵有毛病。ear"耳朵”,切合题意。

mouth嘴,nose鼻子,eye眼睛。9. C题意:“比尔,你妹妹最喜欢什+么运动?”“她最喜欢排球。”由答语中的wlybal只是询问“运动”,故选sport. food食物,colour颜色;movie影戏。

10. B题意:“那本书的价钱是几多?”“五美元”。price“价钱”, 切合题意。

time“时间”; date"日期" ;colour颜色”。11. A题意:一些野生动物的失去提醒我们注意情况问题。第一空作主语,需要-个名词,故用名词loss; 情况问题不止一个,故第二空要用复数形式。12. D题意:“谢谢你在我的研究中给予了大量的建议。

”“不客套。"a great deal of后只能接不行数名词,在四个选项中只有advice是不行数名词。13.D题意:“你知道你妈妈的出生日期吗?”“我知道。

是7月14日。"date“日期”,切合题意。age" 年事”;year“年份”; month“月份”。14.A题意:“你晚饭想吃什么?”“我晚饭想吃面包。

"some后接可数名词复数或不行数名词。四个选项中B、C、D三个选项都是可数名词单数,只有A选项是不行数名词。15. A题意:许多人在国庆节去天安门广场看升国旗。

flag"旗”, 切合题意。flower“花”; sign“信号”;wonder“奇迹”。(三)1. A题意:如果你需要更多关于我们产物的信息,请上网浏览。

information“信息”, 切合题意。experience" 履历;履历”:practice“训练";expression" 表达”。

2.D题意:我们学校有一百多名教师,其中大多数是男教师。“man+名词"结构的复数形式是两个词都要变复数,故选D3.B题意:凯里是贵州最漂亮的都会之一。one of后用可数名词复数,由in Guizhou可清除countries故选B.4.C题意,水果对康健有利益,所以我经常早餐吃一根香蕉。

凭据前面的fruit 可知,应选ben“香蕉”。cndy”糖果",”;cake“蛋糕”; hambure“汉堡”,都不属于水果。5. C题意;那名警员给了许多关于如何掩护小我私家信息的建议吗?空前有much, 故不行数名词advice 切合题意。

note“条记 ;便条”,tip“窍门;建议”,book"书”,都是可数名词,不能用much修饰。6. C题意:“你们口渴吗?”“是的,请给我们三瓶水。water是不行数名词,无复数形式,故清除D项;单元词bottle 为可数名词,前面有three修饰,应用复数形式,故选C.7.D题意;许多志愿者在将昆明建设成漂亮的都会中发挥着努力的作用。

many修饰可数名词复数,故选D。A、B、C三项都是可数名词单数。8. C题意:“恐怕我不能够到达山顶。


experience“履历”;excuse"捏词”;habit“习惯”。9. D题意:如果你想获得更多关于英语学习的信息,请会见我们的网站一wrwrw. sanyanenglish. com。website “网站”,切合题意。

company“公 司”; store“商店”;ffice“办公室”。10. C题意:这些是他们的飞机模型。这些模型很悦目。

名词作定语通常用单数,所以用model;凭据后面句子中的人称代词they可知,前一句的“飞机模型”表现复数意义,所以C项正确。11. A题意:这件夹克100元,那件105元。在价钱上没有太大差异。

difference“差异”,切合题意。height" 高度" ; result“效果";point"分数;看法;意图”。

12.A题意:汤姆身体康健,因为他经常磨炼而且吃许多康健的食物。a lot of后接可数名词复数或不行数名词,由此可以清除C:D两项;eat意为“吃”,它的宾语应为food,故选A项。13. A题意:“你最喜 欢的运动是什么?"“我最喜欢游泳。”swimming“游泳”,切合题意。

television“ 电视(机)”; music“音乐”; book“书”。14. B题意:到了吃午饭的时间了。我一一天三次走着去食堂。

It's time for sth.“到了做某事的时候了”,是牢固句型,故第一空用time; time作“次数”讲是可数名词,前面有three修饰,故第二空应用tines15.C题意:“我怕我会在悉尼迷路。你知道的,这是我第一次 来这里。”“别担忧,这儿有张舆图,它会资助你的。”map“舆图”,切合题意。

newspaper“报纸”;watch“手表”; camera"相机”。I.写出下列名词的复数形式1. Chinese 2. cats 3. men 4. knives5. zoos 6. matches 7. bridges8. teeth 9. classes 10. potatoes11. pieces 12. shelveslll.凭据汉语提示完成句子(每空一词)1. sheep 2. symbol 3. mistakes4. summer 5. toothache 6. knives7. address 8. magazine 9. cameras10. movies/ filmsIV.用方框中所给词的适当形式填空1. women teachers 2. driver3. words 4. factories 5. hours'6. tickets 7. days 8. water9. cakes 10. leavesV.用所给名词的适当形式填空1. shirts 2. children3. aunt's 4. water5. tomatoes 6. Father's7. activities 8. glasses9. women 10. homeworkV.将下列汉语译成英语1. Kate's mother mum2. the winter of Jinan3.friend of mine4. three Japanese5. my bike/ bicycle6. three fish7. a piece of news8. my sister's shoes9. tomorrow's work10. Tom's house/home。